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Cocktails 2048 1436 The Editor

Who didn’t want to be friends with Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte? Sitting in a bar, at a street side café with your best girlfriends sipping on cosmos! Oh the life. However, here on the Island we can do this too. It may not be Manhattan but we’ve got our fair share of places serving up great cocktails and some have some pretty spectacular views too. New York… huh, the Isle of Wight is where it’s at!

The Caulkheads BallPit

Can I go and play now?

Can I go and play now? 1000 669 The Editor

Deciding on which great place to go and eat on the Island is already a difficult enough task, but add in the kids on a nice day and the decision becomes even harder. Well, we’ve narrowed it down for you and have pulled together 5 top places to eat with outside play areas to keep the kids entertained, and possibly tire them out!

World Gin Day

World Gin Day 840 1036 The Editor

It’s HERE! No excuses needed to imbibe one of our nation’s favorite tipples. World Gin Day is a global celebration of all things Gin and it falls on the second Saturday in June. The idea is simple: get people together all around the world with a legitimate excuse (not that we need one!) to drink some gin, whether it’s in…

Fish and Chip Fry-yay

Fish and Chip Fry-yay

Fish and Chip Fry-yay 2048 1280 The Editor

Here at Taste HQ we were all very excited to discover that this coming Friday is National Fish and Chip Day, and of course, it would be rude of us not support our local chippy’s on such a day! The only thing that remains to decide is where to go? Never fear, we’ve put together our top choices from across…


In season now

In season now 2048 1365 The Editor

These days we’re all being made more and more aware of our carbon footprint and how this impacts on the environment, so what could be better than eating seasonal produce from our very doorstep?

Champions and Europa League Trophies

Where to watch the football on the Isle of Wight

Where to watch the football on the Isle of Wight 900 540 The Editor

To celebrate the Champions League (1st June 2019) and Europa League (29th May 2019) finals being an all-English affair (plus this is the first time in history that all the final spots are being held by teams from one country!) we thought we’d put together a list of some of the pubs where you can watch the games across the Island…

The Tomato Stall

Good food, inside and out

Good food, inside and out 2048 1365 The Editor

We all know the saying ‘you are what you eat’ and actually it’s pretty true. There are plenty of foods – and drinks – that are not only good for your insides but also good for your ‘outsides’ too. We’ve done a little bit of research into what’s good for your tummy may be also good for your skin… so enjoy something Taste-y and know it’s going to be working for you inside out.

The Spyglass Inn

Places to eat in an evening

Places to eat in an evening 2048 1538 The Editor

We all know we are spoilt for choice of great places to eat on the Island, from traditional pubs to something a little more fine dining. But, where are the best places to eat and enjoy a G&T (or two) in the evening to sample something tasty and also soak up some of the best views that the Island has to offer?

The Spyglass Inn

When the sun is shining

When the sun is shining 2048 1365 The Editor

There are certain spots on the Island that really seem to bloom and come into their own when the sun is shining brightly in the sky.

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Lazy Sunday Afternoon 1080 1080 The Editor

One of the nation’s most-loved dishes, the Sunday roast is synonymous with family – it’s a time for everyone to get together, share stories of the week gone by and look to the week ahead. From casual pubs to high-end restaurants, the roast dinner is one of the most important dishes on the menu…

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