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wild garlic

A walk on the wild side

A walk on the wild side 1456 1000 The Editor

Smell that? That light waft of garlic on the wind can only mean one thing, wild garlic season is well and truly upon us!  Running from April until June roughly, depending on the weather conditions, you only need to take a walk amongst the Island’s shady woodlands to find wild garlic – Allium Ursinum to give it it’s Latin name,…

Fish and Chip Fridays (or any day)

Fish and Chip Fridays (or any day) 1500 1500 Thea Welsford

If you are struggling to know which day it is… We can let you know, it is in fact Friday! Yup, we know the days are all melding into one but a way to reinstate some normality and to give yourself something to look forward to is, of course, through the medium of food! If you don’t feel like cooking,…

Star of the show for Spring – Asparagus

Star of the show for Spring – Asparagus 1600 1200 Thea Welsford

Some things never change – there are things when times are tough we can rely on. The seasons changing is one of the reassuring constants that whilst our normal world is on hold, we can take time to appreciate the joy of spring and with that, the amazing seasonal produce comes with it – the almighty asparagus being right at…

Craft Vegan Pizza – Craft Vegan Heroes!

Craft Vegan Pizza – Craft Vegan Heroes! 1080 1080 Thea Welsford

Meet Craft Vegan Pizza – the Isle of Wight’s first vegan pizza delivery service. The brainchild of Charlotte Brimstone and Darryn Williams. You may be more familiar with them under their other guise – the Vegan Boys. This new venture sees them delivering fresh, homemade pizzas to Ryde/Seaview/Wootton residents, as well as selling their batch made vegan produce in delightful…

Eating IN is the new eating out… 

Eating IN is the new eating out…  1080 1080 Thea Welsford

We all know the drill: STAY HOME – SAVE LIVES… simples. So with that in mind, we think it important to remind you that doesn’t mean you have to cook ALL the time! There are loads of Island businesses who have adapted their offering to be able to bring you their fantastic food in takeaway, delivery or reheat yourself at…

Traditional Easter Simnel Cake

Traditional Easter Simnel Cake 1600 1200 Thea Welsford

In recent years, the traditional simnel cake has perhaps fallen a little out of fashion and has become harder to find in bakeries and shops. If you’re craving this nostalgic Easter staple, we thought we would share our recipe for you to give a try so maybe it can make an appearance back on your table this year. Simnel Cakes…

A Caulkhead Covid19 Survival guide

A Caulkhead Covid19 Survival guide 1200 1357 The Editor

So we have just about made it through week two of lockdown… How are we doing ladies and gentlemen?! Hi, hi, hello – how are ya? It’s Thea here, Taste’s resident designer, but as it turns out, I like food, cooking, eating and talking about it just as much as anyone else so here I am. I’m sure to many…

takeaway burger and fries

Home (delivery) is where the heart is

Home (delivery) is where the heart is 1920 1080 The Editor

Now that we’ve entered a lockdown, we’re changing our focus over on our ‘open for business’ page. You’ll find details there for the businesses who are offering takeaway and home delivery services, as well as the village and corner shops, farm shops and delis who are open for those essential stocks and supplies.We’ll be updating the page as often as possible,…

Takeaway fish and chips

We need your news

We need your news 2000 1250 The Editor

If you’re a pub, restaurant or café now offering takeaway or delivery services to your customers, or a shop with a home delivery or mail-order option, don’t forget to let us know. Whether you work within the food and drink sector, or know someone who does, make sure you’re keeping us updated with what’s happening and we can share your…

coffee with heart shape latte art

5 ways to love local

5 ways to love local 1280 853 The Editor

How to support your local pubs, restaurants, cafés and shops in these difficult times… Tell us what your favourite retailer is doing – we can share with our followers and help promote themUse local shops rather than supermarkets – they are on different distribution networks and are often better stocked with essentials and local produceBuy gift vouchers online to use…

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