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Food, festivals and supporting local

Food, festivals and supporting local 1000 666 The Editor

We love the Isle of Wight Festival, but sometimes you just need to get out of camp and explore what the local town has to offer. So. If you’re exploring Newport here are some of the best places to get a bite to eat off site, grab a coffee or pick up essentials all while supporting local businesses. What’s better…

A Brief History of Isle of Wight Desserts

A Brief History of Isle of Wight Desserts 1000 1000 The Editor

Though lost today, it seems the Isle of Wight used to have a strong tradition of making pies, puddings and desserts. Fruits were often a key component, with plums being baked into cakes, gooseberries made into tarts and apples turned into ‘apple pudden’. It’s possible that other parts of the country recognised the Isle of Wight’s skill with all things…

How to Forage like a 19th Century Islander

How to Forage like a 19th Century Islander 1000 1000 The Editor

In the 18th and 19th centuries, Islanders were a dab hand at foraging, with an incredibly detailed knowledge of local wild plants, where they grew and what to do with them. Even in the making of drinks alone, numerous wild plants were put to numerous different uses, with cowslips from the Downs being made into wine, hedgerow sloes used to…

Words cannot espresso how much we love coffee!

Words cannot espresso how much we love coffee! 2000 1333 The Editor

We cannot start our day without a cup of coffee… I mean who can? This week is quite possibly one of our favourites, it’s UK coffee week. We’re showing our appreciation of this glorious drink by letting you know where you can pick up a cuppa on our beautiful Island home. Island Roasted / Caffe Isola Roasting Freshly brewed coffee,…

Local Meat is great and no mis-Steak!

Local Meat is great and no mis-Steak! 1000 667 The Editor

When it comes to putting a menu together, can locally sourced meat really make much of a difference? We think there are so many benefits for you, your family and your local farmers. One of the biggest benefits of using meat from a nearby farm is that you can guarantee the freshness of the meat. Your know that local meat…

Breakfast flat lay

Lockdown essentials – Start with Breakfast

Lockdown essentials – Start with Breakfast 1280 853 The Editor

Lockdown two is now well underway and the nights are drawing in.While some of us like to hibernate over the winter having it forced on us isn’t going to be easy! Breakfast is a really good way to start each day well. Here are some Isle of Wight essentials that you should check that you are not overlooking: Tea If…

Its Veganber

It’s Veganber

It’s Veganber 1800 1201 The Editor

November is World Vegan Month, so we’ve nicknamed it Veganber (see what we did there)!

There has been an increase in people going vegan over the past couple of years and with the likes of Bill Clinton, Madonna and Miley Cyrus switching to a plant based diet more and more people have followed suit.

Island Inn-ovations

Island Inn-ovations 2000 1211 The Editor

As lockdown restrictions are eased, unfortunately, it looks like it may be a little longer before we’ll be able to enjoy a refreshing pint down the local. However, planning rules have been relaxed so pubs and restaurants can operate as hot food takeaways during the coronavirus outbreak, allowing an increasing number of Isle of Wight pubs to find innovative ways…

The sweetest thing

The sweetest thing 1440 1440 The Editor

Alongside the resurgence of community spirit, the Coronavirus crisis has also highlighted the value of our key workers and healthcare heroes and the importance of saying ‘thank you’ to those who are sacrificing their time and risking their health to care and provide for the rest of us. Here at Taste of the Wight, we believe that the way to…

Some responsible and safe tips for foraging

Some responsible and safe tips for foraging 1080 1076 The Editor

With recent world events, foraging is having a surge in popularity with many people combing the hedgerows for tasty treats on their daily walks. We thought because we’ve seen so many of you taking up this wholesome skill, we’d share some expert advice. You may remember local foraging expert Alex Richards from Island Wild Food from when we interviewed her…

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