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Traditional Easter Simnel Cake

Traditional Easter Simnel Cake 1600 1200 The Editor

In recent years, the traditional simnel cake has perhaps fallen a little out of fashion and has become harder to find in bakeries and shops. If you’re craving this nostalgic Easter staple, we thought we would share our recipe for you to give a try so maybe it can make an appearance back on your table this year. Simnel Cakes…

Sunday best – Easter lockdown roast dinners without compromise

Sunday best – Easter lockdown roast dinners without compromise 2048 1985 The Editor

We’ve said it many times but we will say it again, on the Isle of Wight, we are beyond lucky to have a long list of quality producers – local meat and butchery being no exception. Here are a few places that need to be on your list to look for your Easter roasting joints.  Classic Easter roasting joints available…

Craft Corner: Easter Bonnets

Craft Corner: Easter Bonnets 2048 1365 The Editor

Get crafty with the kids this spring with our take on a traditional Easter bonnet. When it comes to decorating – more really is more! As flowers jostle for space next to glittery eggs and beads. Get creative and have some craft-inspired play to keep those little munchkins out of trouble. Then why not do a photoshoot in the garden…

Tasty Hot Cross Buns

Tasty Hot Cross Buns 2048 1536 The Editor

We heard it on the internet that you lot have been using ‘this time’ learning how to perfect your sourdough methods – well we’ve got something seasonal for you to try your hand at – why not get the kids involved to keep them out of trouble for a little while. This famous spiced seasonal bun can actually be found…


Top five vegan eateries/recipes

Top five vegan eateries/recipes 2048 1152 The Editor

Since its World Vegan day today, we thought we’d join in with the likes of vegainstas Bill Clinton, Madonna and Miley Cyrus and delve into the top five vegan eateries on the Island. It’s no surprise that the Island is currently experiencing the best of veganism, given that since 2016 the amount of vegan meals ordered in the UK has…


Game, set and match!

Game, set and match! 2048 1410 The Editor

With a few shocks already at Wimbledon (Venus Williams, who’d have thought?) the country is well and truly gripped by tennis fever. The Isle of Wight is no exception, with cafés and restaurants feeling inspired and bringing us some tasty events.

clotted cream dreams

clotted cream dreams 1200 800 The Editor

There’s nothing like that Friday feeling to put a smile on our faces at ‘Taste Towers’, but when Friday coincides with National Cream Tea Day, we couldn’t be happier! One of life’s simple pleasures, a freshly baked scone with fruity jam and lashings of real Cornish Clotted Cream is hard to beat. Thankfully there’s also some cracking dairy-free substitutes on…

Wonderful Wild Garlic

Wonderful Wild Garlic 819 1024 The Editor

If you feel like taking a break from shopping for your ingredients and fancy trying something a little different, we’re now in peak Wild Garlic season. This runs roughly from April to June. At the moment the island’s woodlands are covered in great swathes of this delicious native plant. It’s now in full flower and quite easy to identify. Whereas,…

No-Bake Rocky-Road

No-Bake Rocky-Road 2048 2048 The Editor

Overloaded with so much Easter chocolate you’re not sure what to do? Instantly become everyones favourite person with this amazingly simple recipe sure to put those heaps of easter bunny treats to good use. No-Bake Rocky Road Hidden inside these rocky road style cakes are a surprise of your kids’ favourite sweets like marshmallows and honeycomb. You could even make…

Tomato and Rosemary Orzo Pasta.2

Vegan Tomato and Rosemary Orzo

Vegan Tomato and Rosemary Orzo 764 733 The Editor

Vegan Tomato and Rosemary Orzo If you are trying Veganuary this year then why not give this fresh and warming recipe a whirl. 1 tbs Olive Oil250 g Orzo Pasta200 ml Vegetable stock300 g Isle of Wight Cherry Tomatoes (halved)400 g Chopped Tomatoes1 Red Onion (finely chopped)2 cloves Isle of Wight Garlic (finely chopped)1 tbs Rosemary (fresh chopped or dried)Fresh…

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