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Gluten free: Best places to eat

Gluten free: Best places to eat 2048 1280 The Editor

If you’re like us, when visiting a place for the first time – whether that be for a day trip a long weekend break or a full getaway – the first thing you will be doing is checking out the local restaurants, cafés and pubs to see what types of delicious food you can expect to enjoy during your time here.
When you have a specific dietary requirements or preferences, this can make this process a necessity or even influence where you choose to plan your trip. The Isle of Wight is full of lovely eateries that cater to a vast range of dietary needs, especially gluten free. Here is our guide to some of the best gluten free places to eat on the Isle of Wight.

Caffe Isola

It’s time for lunch

It’s time for lunch 960 960 The Editor

There are plenty of articles giving you information on where to have dinner that evening, great views, amazing cocktails, real ales… everything you could want to know. However, what about those times when you’re in a rush or looking for a quick bite to eat at lunch?

Summer Solstice on the Island

Summer Solstice on the Island

Summer Solstice on the Island 1080 1080 The Editor

During the summer our fields, and therefore, crops are bathed in sunshine, giving them the energy to grow and be extra tasty! But can you believe 21st June will already be the longest day, meaning the days will be getting shorter… has summer even begun? Don’t feel too blue as we still have a few months of (hopefully) glorious sunshine. How will you be celebrating the summer solstice? Here are some delicious ideas to get you thinking…



Cocktails 2048 1436 The Editor

Who didn’t want to be friends with Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte? Sitting in a bar, at a street side café with your best girlfriends sipping on cosmos! Oh the life. However, here on the Island we can do this too. It may not be Manhattan but we’ve got our fair share of places serving up great cocktails and some have some pretty spectacular views too. New York… huh, the Isle of Wight is where it’s at!

The Tomato Stall

Good food, inside and out

Good food, inside and out 2048 1365 The Editor

We all know the saying ‘you are what you eat’ and actually it’s pretty true. There are plenty of foods – and drinks – that are not only good for your insides but also good for your ‘outsides’ too. We’ve done a little bit of research into what’s good for your tummy may be also good for your skin… so enjoy something Taste-y and know it’s going to be working for you inside out.

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