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Food trends for 2019

Food trends for 2019

Food trends for 2019 1280 853 Lindsay Becker

Every year a range of food and drink experts predict what will be trending for the following  year in the food and drink industry. Have a look at this years major predictions from the foodies at Waitrose and keep an eye out for them in 2019…

Mindful eating: No, not thinking about eating (don’t we all do that all the time anyway?) but being conscious of the health benefits and using A.I (artificial intelligence) tohelp us decide on what and what not goes in.

Ice cream 2019

Ice cream: Weird to think about in winter but the sweet treat is predicted to explode in 2019. The rise of ice cream parlours up and down the country gives credence to this. Expect to see more unusual flavours and textures.

West African food: Countries from the African continent set to have their dishes on show include Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal and set to overtake Indian cuisine as the number one takeaway choice.


Bitter flavourings: Taking on the sugary sweetness, bitter flavours including dark chocolate, coffee and craft beers are set to be huge.

Unusual flavoured and healthy cocktails: Expect beetroot and pickled onion to be making an appearance in your drink as well as your salad. Kombucha will be a more popular mixer and for vegans, no need to miss out on the egg whites when chickpea water (Aquafoba) can be whipped to behave in virtually the same way.

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