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Satisfy your Sweet Tooth

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Satisfy your Sweet Tooth

With programmes such as The Great British Bake Off and Cake Boss topping the ratings, Britain’s love of cake and sweet treats is going strong. Just take a glance at the home baking aisle in your supermarket for proof, it’s probably much bigger than you think....

Far from a pastime for a bored housewife, baking has become decidedly cool for both men and women. In times of austerity, a slice of cake is an affordable and delicious bit of luxury. Whether a small yet perfectly formed cupcake, to a show- stopping work of art that you almost feel bad about eating, (we said almost), it’s a treat that always gets a smile. If it is the classic ‘coffee and cake’ combo you are after, then look no further than Michelangelo in Ryde. The owners here originate from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, well known for its culinary art that has been passed down through the generations.

Try traditional ‘Nido’ cakes, sponge muffin lookalikes, filled with cream or occasionally hazelnut; Zuccotto, a moulded dome-shaped, cream-filled sponge cake sits alongside fruit torte, a riot of colour and a house speciality that keeps the locals coming back for more. If you are dining here, make sure to save room for a dessert with favourites such as lovely layered tiramisu, or panna cotta; try an Italian ‘kiss’ – baci di dama amaretto biscuits soaked in coffee, filled with Nutella chocolate and mascarpone then coated with grated coconut. You might not be able to move afterwards, but it will be well worth it!

Vernon Cottage in the heart of Shanklin Old Village is well worth a pilgrimage in the name of cake. All homemade, from traditional Victoria sandwich, chocolate, coffee and walnut and luscious lemon, to sumptuous carrot cake. Or a trip to The Seapot in Ventnor will be made all the more enjoyable with a slice of their legendary Pimm’s Cake.

For a special occasion, cake is obligatory. How many birthdays, weddings or christenings have you been to without a slice of the good stuff on offer? Exactly. Here, simple ingredients undertake a transformation into edible works of art.

The kitchen at Frostbite Bakery is the perfect example of this alchemy taking place. Baker Ellie has progressed from simply enjoying making the odd cake for fun, to a full blown military cake-baking operation, complete with waiting lists. Specialising in buttercream, naked and drip cakes, the creations are topped with their own meringue and macaroons, all made with a simple (but top secret!) recipe. Flavours range from classics such as vanilla or chocolate to more exotic pineapple or Champagne, and everything else in between!

You have probably heard of the freakshake craze, but what about freak- cake? Originating in Australia, much like it’s milkshake namesake, this is a cupcake, but not as you know it. Overloaded, overindulgent and now over here, the cakes are piled high with toppings galore. french-fancies, pretzels, chocolate bars and sweets sit atop buttercream and sprinkles – it’s definitely “more is more”! Look out for these in a café near you.

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Taste of the Wight is the Isle of Wight’s free local guide to food and drink. Now in its fifth year, it has cemented itself as the number one, independent companion for eating out on the Island.

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Taste of the Wight is the Isle of Wight’s free local guide to food and drink. Now in its sixth year, it has cemented itself as the number one, independent companion for eating out on the Island.