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The future is plastic free

The future is plastic free

The future is plastic free 2000 1333 The Editor

Ever since we all saw Blue Planet, the threat of single use plastic has never been so at the forefront of everyone’s mind. From big chains such as Morrrison’s encouraging you to bring in tubs from home for produce and switching to paper bags to fast food restaurants like McDonalds moving to paper straws (and what an outcry that was – if you can believe it!)

Here on the Island we feel we’ve always been a little more eco conscious than the rest of the UK, with food metres over miles being an ethos of many pubs, restaurants and cafés.

Many businesses have now got their own eco policy and helping to reduce their footprint to make the world a better place.

Isle of Wight Distillery

Our friends at the Distillery, home to the famous Mermaid Gin are wholeheartedly committed to a more environmentally friendly small batch production process. They choose to use sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable packing for all their products. Did you know that you can also reuse your empty Mermaid Gin bottle? You’ll see many a person using the old style bottles as candle holders (clever) but you can now take your empty bottle back to the Distillery for it to be refilled with cool, refreshing gin. Well done guys!


New to the streets of Newport, Peach is a vegan friendly zero waste store on upper St James Street. This trendy cafe has been buzzing since its doors opened a few short weeks ago. Serving up extremely delicious vegan dishes, you can eat in or if you have bought a container with you – take away – reducing waste even when you are off the premises! If you’re looking to further reduce your footprint (less of those takeaway coffees), they have a wide selection of some of the world’s best plastic free, refill products.

Caffe Isola 

Known Islandwide for delicious coffee (and tea) offerings, Island Roasted’s retail arm, Caffe Isola, has been championing plastic free for a while. Using vegware disposable cups and lids your morning coffee won’t cost the earth. You can also bring along glass bottles to refill hand-pressed olive oil, made by owners Viviana and Dan. The shelves are also full of reusable coffee cups if you want to save yourself a few pennies, as well as the planet.

Wyatt and Jack

Now, not a foodie company, but you can pack your lunch in one of the handmade bags Wyatt and Jack, made right here on the Isle of Wight. Upcycling old and unwanted bouncy castles, beach balls and vinyl banners they create beautifully sustainable bags and accessories.

Giving old plastic items – that were doomed to go to landfill – a new lease of life, these clever people are turning something that could have been damaging to our planet to something beautiful that you can be proud of.

Selected photos courtesy of Visit Isle of Wight.

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