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Craft Vegan Pizza – Craft Vegan Heroes!

Craft Vegan Pizza – Craft Vegan Heroes!

Craft Vegan Pizza – Craft Vegan Heroes! 1080 1080 Thea Welsford

Meet Craft Vegan Pizza – the Isle of Wight’s first vegan pizza delivery service. The brainchild of Charlotte Brimstone and Darryn Williams. You may be more familiar with them under their other guise – the Vegan Boys. This new venture sees them delivering fresh, homemade pizzas to Ryde/Seaview/Wootton residents, as well as selling their batch made vegan produce in delightful hampers if you fancy a bit of DIY baking during this difficult time.


The Vegan Boys formed three years ago when laid-back Northerner Darryn and born and bred Isle o’ Wighter Charlotte realised their dream of having their own vegan and gluten-free food trailer. Now often seen supporting local festivals, events and food markets, they are regulars on the circuit – just look for their trademark bright colours and you’ll find the Vegan Boys hearty fare just a few moments away! Last summer’s hard work paid off when they won the Hampshire Street Food award for the Vegan category and the pair turned their attention to their next mission; making their own vegan cheese and starting a permanent pizza delivery service based in Ryde.

After experimenting with flavours and ingredients over the winter, they are now proud to produce five vegan cheeses;

  • Smoked cheeze (perfect for adding depth and flavour to burgers, pizzas and sauces)
  • Greek cheeze (best for topping salads and serving with antipasti)
  • Mozza-hella Yeah (a mild, melty, grateable cheese designed to create a gooey mess when grilled) 
  • Almighty Bloo (a power punch of flavour to team with crackers and chutneys).
  • Bree-lightful (a gooey, creamy, sour cheese to team perfectly with sweet and salty flavours)

At only £3 each and available in their hamper delivery service, there’s a cheese for everyone to try.

Vegans Happiness

These cheeses now top their impressive vegan pizza menu. From spicy sausage to a classic margarita, bloo cheese and walnut to cranberry, bree and beetroot, even carnivores won’t miss their normal mighty meaty order. The homemade sourdough crusts are fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside, with fresh tomato and basil sauce and your choice of delicious, vegan toppings. They deliver for free AND you get a garlic dip with every pizza for dunkin’ those crusts.


The Vegan Happiness Hampers are delivered Island-wide for free on Tuesdays

For all those vegan/dairy intolerant people needing some variety in their Covid-19 diets, the Craft Vegan Pizza lot are doing happiness hamper deliveries – meaning you can order and try their homemade cheese, their vegan brownies and even bake your sourdough loaf with all that spare time you have on your hands. There’s nothing better than the smell of freshly baked bread, so order via their Facebook page – Craft Vegan Pizza – and wake up to a crusty loaf ready for some Mozza-hella Yeah to be melted over it. Vegan heaven!

So that’s dinner sorted this weekend! Craft Vegan Pizza deliver in Ryde, Seaview, Nettlestone, St.Helens, Binstead and Wootton and a collection service is available for those outside of the delivery area. Order via their Facebook page

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