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Coffee house at home

Coffee house at home

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Coffee – most of us can’t get through the day without a cup or two. Whilst we all love picking up a cuppa from our favourite coffee shop, it is nice to be able to create something similar at home or get it delivered!

Island Roasted

Get coffee equipment too on the Island Roasted website alongside their Wight Label Tea.

Island Roasted have been roasting coffee here on the Isle of Wight for ten years and they now roast over 30 tons of coffee a year! They hand roast their coffees in small batches using drum roasters to allow the coffee time to develop its true flavour. Their range of high-quality espresso blends has something to suit different tastes. Whilst in normal times they predominantly supply the trade locally in cafés and restaurants – as well as at their own café and roastery Caffè Isola – with recent world events and the lockdown situation, they have seen an obvious switch to domestic customers ordering online. They roast Mondays and Thursdays and are still able to deliver their coffees to enjoy at home, along with all the kit you could possibly need to brew it! See Dan’s cafetiere tips below where he gives us the lowdown on the perfect brew without leaving the house.

Stefan TFCH

Stefan from The Freshwater Coffee House making his deliveries with a smile.

Freshwater Coffee House is an award-winning independent coffee house in, as you might have guessed, Freshwater! They are delivering (and posting) coffee beans and ground coffee, loose leaf tea, whole cakes and tea and coffee making equipment during the Covid 19 lockdown. They’re happy to deliver anywhere on the Island – but delivery fees may apply outside of the West Wight area. If you follow them on social media, you may have seen they have launched a Crowdfunding campaign to protect the future of the café during these uncertain times. Head over to the page to see how you can support.

PO41 Coffee House

Look out for news of the PO41 coffee window on their socials.


Inside Ground Coffee, the sister company of Yarmouth’s PO41, are roasting coffee and posting out during this time so you can get the coffee you’d usually enjoy at PO41 at home! Inside Ground is an independent coffee brand with a unique story – from within the walls of HMP Feltham the brand was set up to help change the lives of the young adults held inside the Institute. The team are trained to roast the ethically sourced speciality coffee providing them with work and experience, giving them better opportunities and skills for the outside world. Look out on social media for news on the PO41 coffee window that they trialled for VE day.

You may have seen the lovelies at ComiCoffee are back with a lockdown takeaway delivery service Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. They’re serving Island Roasted coffee,  available hot or iced, as well as freshly made Doughnuts (vegan options available), delicious milkshakes (vegan options), smoothies and a selection of cakes (gluten-free options available). To book a collection, message the team on FB or for delivery, download the Go Eats App to see the menu and order.



If you’ve been missing your ComiCoffee fix – do no fear they’re back!


The perfect cafetiere with Dan from Island Roasted.

Equipment needed – a cafetiere, a kettle, digital kitchen scales, a stopwatch, a grinder or pre-ground coffee.


1. Boil the kettle and leave to cool for one minute – freshly boiled water is too hot and will scorch the coffee.


2. Weigh out and grind your coffee. Use 30g of coffee per 500ml of water as a guide and tweak to personal taste. The grind should be coarse, a bit smaller than instant coffee granules. Freshly ground coffee is always better, as air and moisture start attacking the coffee much quicker once it’s ground.


3. Tip the ground coffee into the cafetiere and pour the water up to a couple of centimetres above the level of the ground coffee, making sure all the coffee is soaked. Start the stopwatch and leave for 30 seconds, the coffee will “bloom”, this is where it expands as it gives off CO2.

4. Pour in the rest of the water and stir briefly, then leave to infuse for four minutes. Depress the plunger firmly and your coffee is ready to pour. 




5. Enjoy! The flavours become more apparent as the coffee cools slightly, particularly if you are using a single origin with a distinct character.

Read our ‘Coffee Culture’ feature for more of a caffeine fix.

The Editor

Taste of the Wight is the Isle of Wight’s free local guide to food and drink. Now in its fifth year, it has cemented itself as the number one, independent companion for eating out on the Island.

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Taste of the Wight is the Isle of Wight’s free local guide to food and drink. Now in its sixth year, it has cemented itself as the number one, independent companion for eating out on the Island.