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Something Yummy in a Box…

Something Yummy in a Box…

Something Yummy in a Box… 1600 1200 The Editor

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Something Yummy already, it’s the passion project of local foodie Paul Thorley which takes the form of a popular supper club as well running a website packed full of recipes and foodie insights. The whole ethos behind Something Yummy is to celebrate the Island’s great quality local produce in creative recipes, seasonably when it’s at its best.

In light of the current UK lockdown conditions, Paul wanted to create ‘something yummy’ you could enjoy at home – ya see what we did there? The weekly changing menu is released every Thursday evening, which you then have until Monday to order – although we’d advise getting in there quick though as it’s expected to be popular. The food is then be delivered by Paul on Wednesday, as a midweek treat for you to reheat (with both written and video instructions) and enjoy.

We were lucky enough to be invited to try it for the first week and it did not disappoint – so big thanks to Paul for inviting us to try it! Wednesday was the first really miserable weather day we’ve had for a while and I have to admit when the doorbell rang, I had briefly forgotten that Paul was coming 😅. As I ran down the stairs and saw him outside I was hit with excitement.

Greeted by a slightly soggy Paul, he safely (social distancing y’all), handed over my Something Yummy box and told me a video was on its way to explain the menu along with how to reheat and serve it. Itching to get upstairs and take a peek inside the box – I thanked Paul and he was off – back on his way to deliver some more yumminess to more eagerly awaiting diners.


Week one’s Something Yummy Box.

Inside my Something yummy box, I found each of the courses boxed neatly packaged and ready to go with the menu and written instructions on how to reheat and plate. On the menu this week was a goat cheese cheesecake with roasted beetroot and beetroot and balsamic puree. Next up for the main, it was hoisin beef short rib, made with Isle of Meat Co. beef from Cheverton Farm and slow-cooked in Garlic Farm hoisin, red wine and beef stock reduction, with lime coriander rice, green beans and tenderstem broccoli. For dessert, it was lemon tart with meringue and raspberry coulis and a little treat from Mr. Yummy: a chocolate and hazelnut truffle (to accompany your after-dinner coffee). If all that wasn’t enough, this all comes with the cutest little mini homebaked loaf and pot of whipped butter.


Pudding in a box!

Now super excited for dinner, I received the email with the instruction video from Paul and gave it a watch so I knew what I was dealing with in terms of getting it ready later. It was really useful as he told me to make sure not to put the meringues and bread in the fridge – so I paused the video and grabbed those back out of the fridge before I hit play on the video again and listened as Paul explained how to warm up the main course (the only minor bit of cooking involved) and how to plate the starter and pudding. Full informed I went back to my day.

As dinnertime rolled around I poured myself a glass of wine to get myself in the mood for food – not that that’s a hard task. Wight and Wessex Wines are actually pairing a couple of wines each week to compliment the weekly Something Yummy menu – so don’t forget to ask about that when you order.

I popped the oven on to preheat as per the instructions and got everything out of the fridge and laid it out ready. Once the oven was warm enough I popped the mini loaf in for a few minutes to warm it as Paul suggested. I then plated the starter giving it my best chef-shot as you can see below! Before I sitting down to eat I popped the short rib (in its tin tray) into the oven and set a timer.


Ta-da! My plated goats cheese cheesecake with beetroot and beetroot and balsamic puree.

The starter didn’t stick around long I can tell you – beetroot and goats cheese are great friends and It was a perfect start to the meal. Halfway through the cooking time, I gave the short rib a stir and got the rice and veg ready to pop in the microwave. Had a little more wine and a nibble on some of that lovely homemade bread while the side dishes cooked – timed it pretty perfectly if I do say so myself, with the beef being ready just as the veg pinged. Plated that and sat down to enjoy it! The Isle of Wight Meat Co. beef really was the star of this tasty dish.

Pudding (like the starter) was super easy to plate and even easier to eat! You can’t go wrong lemon tart – a signature of Mr. Yummy’s – it came with the prettiest meringues that reminded me of giant Iced Gems and a zingy raspberry coulis.


Hoisin Beef Short Rib from IW Meat Co.

As I sat back with my coffee and enjoyed the chocolate hazelnut truffle, I felt content and fortunate to have enjoyed such a lovely meal at home with minimal effort! Just like everyone, I have really been feeling it this week and that really cheered me up, so big thanks to Paul at Something Yummy! Compliments to the chef.

Next week’s menu has already been released (and hugely popular already so get in there quick) with the introduction of a veggie option too. To start, it’s Isle of Wight tomato tart with Gallybagger cheese, wild garlic and basil pesto – which is vegetarian. Then for the main course it is Morrocan lamb Lasagne made with Isle of Wight Meat Co. pulled lamb shoulder, homemade pasta and Briddlesford Farm feta, served with Morrocan salad and mixed leaves. There is also a vegetarian Morrocan lasagne available as an alternative. This comes with a stone-baked sharing flatbread. For pudding, it’s chocolate orange – not Terry’s kind, but a dark chocolate ganache with a chocolate orange mousse, Grand Marnier soaked sponge and caramelised orange.


Look at that beauty!

Check out when we visited Something Yummy’s supper club before the lockdown was a thing. Also if you need more inspiration of where you can take away (or be delivered)  a tasty meal instead of cooking read our ‘Eating IN  is the new eating out’ feature where we’ve got you covered. Also for the full list of who is open right now see our ‘Open for Business’ page.

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Taste of the Wight is the Isle of Wight’s free local guide to food and drink. Now in its fifth year, it has cemented itself as the number one, independent companion for eating out on the Island.

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Taste of the Wight is the Isle of Wight’s free local guide to food and drink. Now in its sixth year, it has cemented itself as the number one, independent companion for eating out on the Island.