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Local Meat is great and no mis-Steak!

Local Meat is great and no mis-Steak!

Local Meat is great and no mis-Steak! 1000 667 Claire Kennard
When it comes to putting a menu together, can locally sourced meat really make much of a difference? We think there are so many benefits for you, your family and your local farmers.

One of the biggest benefits of using meat from a nearby farm is that you can guarantee the freshness of the meat. Your know that local meat hasn’t been sitting in a freezer for months or travelled halfway across the world in a temperature controlled container. Knowing that the product has come from just around the corner is great for creating healthy & hearty meals for your loved ones.

Where Does it Come From?

Humans are inquisitive by nature and we like to know the origins of certain things, food being one of them. Every supermarket you go to will have the country of origin on the label of their meat, fruit and veg. Having local products really helps connect with your grub.

The added benefit to knowing where your meat is from is that you can ensure the animal has been well looked after and slaughtered humanely. Not every country treats animals the same. With local meat you can feel confident that due care has been taken and the animals have been treated well. If you live on the Isle of Wight you can even visit the farms and see exactly how the animals live and you can also follow their social media accounts to see updates and news.  We are lucky on the Isle of Wight to be able to source pork, lamb, beef and now venison from the newest addition to local farms

Local Farms and Farm Shops

The Isle of Wight Bacon Company from Sheepwash farm  is part of a family farming enterprise run by Brownrigg’s Farm. At Brownrigg’s Farm the family also rear traditional ruby red cattle and have a flock of sheep and free range hens. You can buy all this wonderful local free range meat at the farm shop and Café near Godshill. Find out more here.

Cheverton Farm is home to the Isle of Wight Meat Company and is a family farm comprising its own maturation and butchery facility. You can order online for the best cuts of local pork, lamb and beef dry aged in a himalyan salt chamber. Find out more here.

The newest addition to the Island is the Isle of Wight Deer farm which is set in an impressive 334 Acres of beautiful countryside in the heart of the Isle of Wight. Tours are available and can be booked on the website. Find out more here.

So, is it a Trend, or is it here to stay?

In recent years people have started to care more and more about the food we are eating and increasingly  buying more organic and local meat. Sourcing local meat for  your family is a journey that more and more people are taking and feeling good about the choices that they are making. Great new business are giving Island dwellers more choice than ever before

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