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Wild Garlic Pesto

You can toss this into hot pasta, swirl it into vegetable soup, or use on bruschetta or crostini and it […]

No-Bake Rocky Road

Hidden inside these rocky road style cakes are a surprise of your kids’ favourite sweets like marshmallows and honeycomb. You […]

Vegan Tomato and Rosemary Orzo

If you are trying Veganuary this year then why not give this fresh and warming recipe a whirl.

Left-over Cheese Soufflé

Make use of the odds and ends that are left over with our tasty recipe.

Sprout Gratin

As one of the most controversial Christmas food, we decided to give an alternative way to jazz up the little […]

Mulled White Wine

Tired of your usual mulled wine tipple? Try this twist on a classic using white wine and cider for a […]

Easy Marzipan

Whether it’s to cover your Christmas cake or to create some decorative sweets, it is easy to make your own […]

Christmas Spiced Cupcakes

Here at Taste HQ we’ve got a number of talented bakers and cooks, here to share some amazing recipes sure […]

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