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National Croissant Day!


National Croissant Day!

National Croissant Day! 960 538 Christie-Lee Booth

Whether you have a sweet tooth, or enjoy more of a savoury offering, the humble croissant is always sure to be a pleaser. The buttery, crescent-shaped treat, that is crispy on the outside and soft and airy on the inside. Often associated with France, it actually originated in Austria in the early 1800s. They have long been a staple in bakeries and patisseries, before joining the mainstream market in the 70s, thanks to development of factory-made frozen ones, that simply bake in the oven. 

Whether it’s lashings of jam, dollops of Nutella or more savoury fillings such as ham and cheese or garlic butter, you have the perfect excuse to eat as many as you please as you celebrate international croissant day.  Theres so many great bakeries and cafes on the Isle of Wight where you can find the perfect pastry or croissant.  Let us know your favourite by sharing with us on Instagram tagging @tasteofthewight

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