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Cream of the crop

Cream of the crop 779 516 The Editor

With acres of pasture land and more hours of sunshine than the rest of the UK, the Isle of Wight is perfect for grazing – and happy, well-fed cows mean great dairy produce. Island farmers not only produce top-quality milk (some of which still has the cream layer intact at the top) but churn out golden butter, silky smooth clotted…


Vegan all-year-round not just for Veganuary

Vegan all-year-round not just for Veganuary 2000 1333 The Editor

A plant-based Isle of Wight guide from Steph and Guy at Peach Vegan Kitchen & Zero Waste Store We are nearing the end of the most widely publicised and participated Veganuary ever! With record numbers of consumers taking the opportunity to experiment with their eating habits and most eateries offering a variety of vegan options (many for the first time)…

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