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wild garlic

Some responsible and safe tips for foraging

Some responsible and safe tips for foraging 1080 1076 The Editor

With recent world events, foraging is having a surge in popularity with many people combing the hedgerows for tasty treats on their daily walks. We thought because we’ve seen so many of you taking up this wholesome skill, we’d share some expert advice. You may remember local foraging expert Alex Richards from Island Wild Food from when we interviewed her…

wild garlic

A walk on the wild side

A walk on the wild side 1456 1000 The Editor

Smell that? That light waft of garlic on the wind can only mean one thing, wild garlic season is well and truly upon us!  Running from April until June roughly, depending on the weather conditions, you only need to take a walk amongst the Island’s shady woodlands to find wild garlic – Allium Ursinum to give it it’s Latin name,…

Wonderful Wild Garlic

Wonderful Wild Garlic 819 1024 The Editor

If you feel like taking a break from shopping for your ingredients and fancy trying something a little different, we’re now in peak Wild Garlic season. This runs roughly from April to June. At the moment the island’s woodlands are covered in great swathes of this delicious native plant. It’s now in full flower and quite easy to identify. Whereas,…

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